New Version of ‘The Sinking City’ Now Available on Steam

Behaviour Interactive dropped their surprise last week regarding Alan Wake making the leap to Dead by Daylight later this month. Now they’ve released a new Spotlight trailer for the upcoming Chapter, highlighting Alan Wake’s character Perks that players will be able to use. It’s also narrated by Alan Wake’s voice actor Matthew Porretta, who will also be reprising his role as the tortured writer in the DLC.

As was touched on when the Alan Wake Chapter was announced, Wake has access to three unique Perks: Champion of Light, Boon: Illumination, and Deadline.

Champion of Light grants players additional movement speed while shining a Flashlight. If you successfully Blind a Killer with the Flashlight, they will be affected by the Hindered Status Effect, slowing them down. Pairing this Perk with Haddie Kaur’s Residual Manifest will further compromise the Killer with the Blindness Status Effect.

With the Boon: Illumination Perk, Alan Wake is able to create a Boon Totem, which grants all nearby Survivors the ability to see the Auras of Generators and Chests across the Map. As an additional effect, when you have a lit Boon Totem, you’ll also Cleanse and Bless Totems faster. Pairing this Perk with Haddie Kaur’s Overzealous will raise your efficiency on Generators after scoping them out.

Lastly there’s Deadline, which activates when you’re injured. Doing so will increase the frequency of Skill Checks while Healing Survivors or Repairing Generators. Should you happen to miss one, the penalty will be halved. Using this Perk with synergistic Skill Check-related Perks will come in handy when in a pinch.

Still no details yet on what the new Chapter will cost, or if Alan Wake will have alternate costumes and a new map in tow.

Dead by Daylight is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store and the Windows Store. Dead by Daylight: Alan Wake will arrive January 30 on consoles and PC.


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