TONS Drops Anniversary Collaborations With Jon Stan And Jeff Hamilton

The luxurious retail haven nestled in Steel City, TONS, is marking its triumphant first year with a spectacular celebration. Since its inception in November 2022, TONS has become a cornerstone of the local community, offering a rich blend of high-end fashion, captivating art displays, designer furnishings, and opulent interiors. As it hits the one-year milestone, TONS commemorated the occasion with bespoke fashion collaborations and an intimate reception.

Since its opening in East Liberty, Pittsburgh, TONS has not only secured its status as a premier luxury retailer but has also expanded its reach globally through a partnership with Farfetch. The store has curated an impressive selection of brands, including Rick Owens, Mugler, Off-White, and cutting-edge streetwear labels like Who Decides War, Satoshi Nakamoto, and B1Archive. TONS has additionally nurtured relationships with athletes, hosting pop-ups for notable figures such as Damar Hamlin, Dionte Johnson, and Marcus Allen.

For its anniversary, TONS has orchestrated a unique collaboration with renowned creatives Jeff Hamilton and Jon Stan. Jeff Hamilton, a celebrated leather-wear designer, brings his NFL license to produce exclusive Steelers jackets with custom TONS dust bags. Jon Stan, a prolific fashion apparel and accessories designer, contributes a capsule of limited-edition caps (Jon Stan X TONS) along with his coveted Angel hats.

The Jeff Hamilton Steelers Limited Edition for TONS Pittsburgh comprises three distinct jacket styles, each embodying a unique design and premium materials. Jon Stan’s offerings include the ‘T’ fitted hat and Pittsburgh Pirates Angel Fitted Caps, all available in limited quantities.

“I haven’t visited Pittsburgh, but the individuals I’ve encountered from the city exude a distinctive and fashionable style,” Jon Stan says in his first look at the opportunity to share with the city. “Embracing the opportunity to immerse my brand in celebrating Pittsburgh’s unique vibe was an obvious choice. I can’t wait to bring my brand to this vibrant community.”

Jon Stan’s jacket design is a distinctive masterpiece crafted from vintage used army bags and army tents, offering a unique and individualized touch to each piece. The jacket’s character is shaped by the sourcing of diverse fabrics, resulting in variations that make every garment one-of-a-kind. The incorporation of orange satin lining adds a luxurious and vibrant element to the design.

Notably, the jackets may exhibit stencil markings, contributing to the bespoke nature of the collection, where some jackets may feature these distinctive markings while others do not. This emphasis on individuality and the repurposing of military materials underscore the jacket’s innovative design, creating a fashion statement that seamlessly blends history, sustainability, and style.

As TONS reflects on its remarkable journey, the collaborations with Jeff Hamilton and Jon Stan stand as a testament to its commitment to crafting compelling narratives and connecting deeply with consumers. With the endorsement of Steelers players, Jon Stan, and Marcus Allen, TONS is not just a fashion destination; it’s a vibrant community hub shaping its brand narrative and expanding its presence. As TONS continues to evolve, it remains a beacon of luxury, art, and culture in the heart of Pittsburgh.

Diana Kucenic, cofounder of TONS says, “As we celebrate our one-year milestone, the collaboration with legends Jeff Hamilton and Jon Stan symbolizes a significant chapter in our growth. We are dedicated to crafting compelling narratives through distinct products that deeply connect with our consumers in Pittsburgh and beyond. The endorsement and support from Steelers players, Jon Stan and Marcus Allen add a profound touch, highlighting the special bond we share in shaping our brand’s narrative and expanding our presence.”

The Jon Stan x TONS collaboration is currently live. The Jeff Hamilton Steelers Limited Edition for TONS Pittsburgh is also available for purchase. Modern staples in streetwear and luxury fashion live inside the TONS retail space and they have boasted their local cache with creating the creative space for sartorial endeavors in the Steel City.


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