Alan Ritchson Proves He Can Be As Scary and Lethal as Ben Affleck’s Batman With This One Chilling Scene


Alan Ritchson proved to be a force to be reckoned with as Jack Reacher in the Amazon series Reacher. In the first season itself, Ritchson played the brooding and charismatic individual with a set of skills with such conviction that fans instantly wanted more of him. The second season is still airing weekly and the series is stronger than ever.

Alan Ritchson has nailed his portrayal of Jack Reacher from Lee Child’s beloved books

Ritchson bulked up even more for the second season and delivered another banger of a season led by his committed and intense performance. One scene in particular has fans talking, where Reacher threatens a goon. This has intensified the desire of fans who want him to play Batman in James Gunn’s DCU.

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Alan Ritchson is Perfect for Batman From This Scene in Reacher Season 2

Reacher season 2 continues to be an exciting new adventure for Jack Reacher
Reacher season 2 continues to be an exciting new adventure for Jack Reacher

Alan Ritchson is currently on a hot streak with his Reacher series and fans are loving the second season even more than the first. Ritchson has enhanced the nuances and characteristics of Jack Reacher from the book and delivered another entertaining performance as the character in the latest season.

One scene from episode 5 of the second season has impressed fans the most, where Reacher threatens a goon and demands valuable information from him (via X). This is reminiscent of Ben Affleck‘s Batman and his intensity in the warehouse fight in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Fans are campaigning for Ritchson to be cast as James Gunn’s Batman as many of Reacher’s characteristics, especially the scene described, align with the mannerisms of Batman. Ritchson has even expressed interest in playing the role in an interview with Fortress of Solitude. It remains to be seen whether Ritchson is at least considered for the role when the casting calls begin.

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Alan Ritchson Is Grateful to Tom Cruise for Passing Down Jack Reacher

Tom Cruise played Jack Reacher in 2012's Jack Reacher and 2016's Jack Reacher Never Go Back
Tom Cruise played Jack Reacher in 2012’s Jack Reacher and 2016’s Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

The role of Jack Reacher has become Alan Ritchson‘s career-defining role and the success of Amazon’s’ Reacher continues with the second season. While Tom Cruise played the character in the two Jack Reacher movies back in the day, Ritchson took over the role in the series and he is incredibly thankful to Cruise for passing down the iconic role.

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ritchson revealed that he wrote a long letter to Cruise in which he thanked him for passing him the baton of Jack Reacher, but it never reached him. Ritchson even faced the camera and expressed his gratitude with the hope that Cruise would see it someday. He said,

“I wrote Tom (Cruise) a heartfelt letter, he has brought so many eyes to the series, so out of gratitude I wrote him a page-long letter, he should know how grateful I am for him to do this role. Tom (Cruise), I am super grateful to you for passing the baton to me with Reacher, and helping it become what it became with the eyes that you brought to the show!”

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The finale of the second season is set to air on January 19, 2024. Jack Reacher’s exciting adventures are not ending anytime soon as Ritchson has already started shooting for the third season of the show.

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