Does the Series Set Up a Second Season on Netflix?


Warning: Spoilers for The Brothers Sun.


  • Fans of The Brothers Sun should remain hopeful for a second season, as the show’s success and popularity make another season likely.
  • The show’s creators have ideas for the future of the Sun Family and have hinted at the return of certain characters and new conflicts.
  • The post-credit scene suggests that there is potential for more seasons, as it introduces unanswered questions and sets up future storylines involving the Triad bosses.

The Brothers Sun is an action comedy that recently dropped on Netflix and subsequently made it to the #4 spot on their top 10 TV shows upon its release. The series follows a Taiwanese crime family whose power is threatened after an assassination attempt lands the boss, the familial patriarch, Big Sun (Johnny Kou), in the hospital. In order to protect his mother, Eileen ‘Mama’ Sun (Michelle Yeoh), and younger brother, Bruce Sun (Sam Song Li), the family’s eldest son, Charles Sun (Justin Chien), travels to Los Angeles. Utterly ignorant of the family’s nefarious business dealings, Bruce quickly learns the truth when the attacks follow Charles across the Pacific Ocean.

In a show rife with incredible action sequences, great comedic timing, and thoughtful character development, fans want another season. While the show’s finale offered satisfactory conclusions for many characters, plenty of questions remained unanswered. Furthermore, the show provided a post-credit scene that clearly alludes to a second season and raises more questions about some major characters. As such, fans want to know what the prospective future of The Brothers Sun looks like and what the possibility of another season holds.

The Possibility of a Second The Brothers Sun Season Is Good

While the series has yet to be renewed for a second season, fans of the show should remain hopeful about its return. Given its success and popularity, Netflix would be wise to greenlight another season. Furthermore, series creators Byron Wu and Brad Falchuk clearly have ideas about the future of the Sun Family and how that could play out in prospective seasons. Even though the season ended on a high note for the family, Wu and Falchuk told Netflix’s Tudum, “When you’re living as a gangster, you can never truly relax.” As such, there’s obviously plenty more story to tell. They also added, “Big Sun is not an enemy that accepts defeat easily,” which means he’ll likely return in some compacity and enact his revenge on the family he feels betrayed him.

Despite the show’s renewal status or lack thereof, fans should take solace in knowing those behind the scenes are actively thinking about the future of the Sun Family. Executive producer and director Kevin Tancharoen also told Netflix’s Tudum, “This is actually just the first step in a longer journey.” In many ways, the season’s finale feels more like the start of a new chapter rather than the end of a story. Hopefully, Netflix feels the same and gives audiences another season of the comedic action series. In MovieWeb’s interview with Sam Song Li, the actor stated, “There’s potential there because [the brothers] cannot be more different from one another. Naturally, that’s going to stir up conflict. Setting up a showdown of some kind, with a deeper, darker, more serious conflict between the two, could be really fun.”


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What Would Season 2 of The Brothers Sun Look Like?

By the end of the show’s finale, the Family Sun appears to be in a good place with one another. Despite their previous missteps when navigating the threat from the Boxers, they managed to survive and apparently thrive. Eileen, Charles, and June (Alice Hewkin) head back to Taiwan so Eileen can make her move as the next Dragon Head and lead the Jade Dragons into a more legitimate future. On the other hand, Sam Song Li’s Bruce stays in Los Angeles to finish his school studies and pursue his improv passion. Through it all, they managed to carve out a sense of harmony and solidarity with one another.

However, while life might seem copacetic now, such cohesion will unlikely remain constant if or when the series moves forward. Creators Wu and Falchuk noted, “The Sun family will struggle to maintain those clearly defined roles.” Furthermore, director Tancharoen added, “What they have right now, this unity, is very fragile.” As such, the potential for conflict within the dysfunctional family is there. Even though Charles follows his mother to Taiwan and will likely back her bid as the next Dragon Head, there’s no telling what awaits them, given that every Triad leader is either dead or hiding.


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The Post-Credit Scene Would Have Big Implications for The Brothers Sun

The prospect of a sophomore season seems more likely when viewers consider the show’s post-credit scene. Viewers will recall Frank Ma’s (Ron Yuan), a fellow Triad leader, willingness to testify against other Triad family heads once the police captured Big Sun. Now that Big Sun is hospitalized and under police custody, Frank Ma is free to sing like a canary. However, during the show’s post-credit scene, an unknown man informs Yuan (Zhan Wang), Big Sun’s right-hand man, that the police have hidden Frank Ma because their entire case rests on his testimony. Without skipping a beat, Yuan confidently ensures the unknown man that Frank Ma won’t be found before the trial.

If the series moves forward with more seasons, the Triad bosses left alive are unlikely to face any legal repercussions. Furthermore, if Yuan knows Frank Ma won’t ever be found, then it’s likely Big Sun won’t remain under police custody or in the hospital for long. Any good crime boss would have contingency plans in the case of such events, and Yuan is likely at the helm of ensuring they’re taken care of. While there might not be definitive plans for a second season, the groundwork is clearly there, which fans should be hopeful about. Hopefully, this won’t be yet another Netflix series canceled after one season. All episodes of The Brothers Sun are currently streaming on Netflix.

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