Fans React in Anger and Worry to Microsoft CEO’s Comments on the Future of Xbox


Recently, there has been a lot of discussion going around about the future of Xbox after its most recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard, and sadly, there has been some news that has caused a lot of uproar within the Xbox community, as players have disagreed with some comments made by the CEO of Microsoft.

This is down to the fact that during an interview, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, mentioned that now that Microsoft has finalised its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it is finally in a position to set out with its original plan of building great games and delivering them to players on all platforms, whether they be on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, mobile phones, cloud gaming, or PCs. For many reasons, Xbox gamers are not happy about this.

Why Are Gamers Dissatisfied With This Comment Made by Microsoft’s CEO, and How Will This Affect the Xbox Console?

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella released a comment regarding the future of the Xbox, and gamers are not happy.

To start off, let’s be clear. So far, this comment has not made it clear what games will be released on other consoles that will be built by any company owned by Microsoft. At the moment, this comment is only stating that Microsoft and Xbox now have the capability to release more games to more consoles; whether those games are old or new is still unknown.

Recently, this comment has been shared on Twitter, X, and Reddit, and there has understandably been a lot of backlash regarding this comment, especially from the Xbox player base, as gamers around the world are unsure as to what this will mean for the future of the Xbox console or what it means for exclusive games that are already on the Xbox console, such as Gears of War, Sea of Thieves, Halo, and many others.

Since many Xbox gamers are worried that this comment implies that these exclusive games could lose their exclusivity, then it would mean the end for the Xbox console, as what would be the point in owning an Xbox console if there is nothing exclusive for it?

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However, there are also a select few who believe that this statement is only implying that the titles bought within the Activision Blizzard deal are the ones that will continue to be multi-platform, such as the Call of Duty franchise, which will continue to release on PlayStation consoles for the next 10 years thanks to the deal made between the two companies.

Since there is very little information regarding this comment, many gamers have let their imaginations go wild a little bit, and this has caused a lot of panic within the gaming community as people feel that Microsoft may be losing touch with the gaming community and is just looking to make as much money as it possibly can while also shaking hands with its longtime rival.

Some gamers have even gone as far as saying that Microsoft is just repeating a promise they will never fulfill, as they have been releasing statements like this for years and it never actually comes to fruition, no matter how hard it actually works to bring its games to different platforms.

This comment has sadly come at a bad time for Xbox and Microsoft, as recently there have been rumors that games like Sea of Thieves will be released on other consoles and will become multi-platform.

At the moment, this is only a rumour, but now, with this comment made by Microsoft’s CEO, it provides this rumour with a bit more likelihood of being real. Even though it would be amazing for some of Xbox’s exclusive games to come to other consoles, it is likely that this won’t happen and that gamers are looking too far into a situation that isn’t even there.

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If this comment and the theories laid out by the gaming community are all factual, then it is highly likely that a fair amount of the gaming community will feel very betrayed, as they have been very faithful to Microsoft and its console, and to have it release games as multi-platform rather than exclusives could ultimately be the move that turns Xbox players against Microsoft.

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