‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Interviewers Reveal Missed Viral Benefits


The now-infamous clip went viral on TikTok where other users reportedly reuploaded it without the “Tim & Dee” logo or other credit. The duo, who likely generate revenue per view on their highly-watched videos, have reportedly issued at least 50 copyright claims since their original video went live.

Another disappointment arrived when Dickerson and Marlow began receiving media inquiries from other major publications, only for them to ask how to get in touch with Welch instead.

Although it isn’t the first time the duo has gone viral, they admitted to the NY Times that it had never been on the scale of the “Hawk Tuah” moment. Marlow also told the outlet that when he tried to get in touch with Welch for a collaboration, he ended up communicating with her lawyer instead.

On the contrary, Welch has had a number of opportunities emerge since going viral. She filed a trademark for “Hawk Tuah” for apparel and comedy and has apparently been receiving help from Shaq who is assisting her through her newfound fame. Welch was brought out on stage to perform with country star Zach Bryan, 28, last month.

According to TMZ, Welch has been receiving TV deal offers to develop a reality show based on her life due to her “relatable and humorous” personality.

The online star, who is now advertising appearances on her social media accounts, has also had to field numerous bogus rumors made about her such as being fired from her schooling job or signing to United Talent Agency.



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