Ironheart Series Gets Significant Progress After Major Setbacks, Reveals Series Star



  • Filming for the Ironheart series has wrapped up, potentially hinting at an earlier release date than anticipated.
  • Dominique Thorne, who plays Riri Williams, describes the series as an epic journey and promises a captivating adventure for fans.
  • Ironheart is being led by head writer Chinaka Hodge and features a talented cast, including Anthony Ramos and Sacha Baron Cohen in undisclosed roles.

Ironheart star Dominique Thorne revealed a major milestone for the series. The latest news from the set is that filming has wrapped up, setting the stage for what promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The rumors around the Ironheart series have been growing, especially since Thorne’s impactful debut as Riri Williams in 2022’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Although the precise release date on Disney+ remains under wraps, the completion of filming hints at a premiere possibly earlier than previously speculated. Initially set for a 2023 release, the series experienced some shifts, moving the expected air date to 2024, and then further speculations pushing it to September 3, 2025. However, with Thorne’s recent confirmation (via X), fans are abuzz with hope for an earlier introduction to this new chapter. Thorne said:

“Filming has concluded, indeed. I mean, I can say strap in, get ready. It will be a ride, much like they all are. It is an epic journey, and one that I’m very excited to share.”

Dominique Thorne’s excitement is palpable. She describes the series as a captivating adventure and invites fans to “strap in” for what she guarantees will be a memorable experience. While she holds back on the specifics, her enthusiasm suggests a series that will hold true to Marvel’s tradition of blending action, depth, and complexity.

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The creative force behind Ironheart is Chinaka Hodge, serving as the head writer, steering the series into uncharted territories of storytelling. Ironheart’s plot specifics are currently under tight wraps, adding an air of mystery to the project. The series boasts a stellar cast, with Thorne leading as the ingenious Riri Williams. Joining her are Anthony Ramos, portraying the formidable villain Parker Robbins, also known as The Hood, and notable talents like Alden Ehrenreich, Lyric Ross, and Manny Montana. Sacha Baron Cohen’s impending MCU debut, in a mysteriously undisclosed role, further heightens the suspense.

Ironheart’s Finale on Set and the Exciting Road Ahead for MCU on Disney+

Beyond the immediate horizon of Ironheart, the MCU continues to expand its universe on Disney+. Close on the heels of Ironheart’s anticipated launch are several projects in various stages of development. These include Daredevil: Born Again, undergoing a creative overhaul, the nostalgic revival series X-Men ’97, and a new season of the animated anthology series What If…?. Fans can also look forward to more live-action dramas, including an untitled series set in Wakanda and the WandaVision spinoff, Agatha: Darkhold Diaries.

As the curtains fall on the filming of Ironheart, the anticipation for its premiere grows. While the exact release date remains a tightly kept secret, the completion of production suggests that the wait might not be as long as feared. With a cast led by the talented Dominique Thorne and a narrative rich with the promise of adventure and complexity, Ironheart is gearing up to be the next big hit in the MCU’s ever-expanding storyline.



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