Is ‘Supacell’ Getting a Season 2? Here’s What We Know


This Article Contains Spoilers For Supacell Season 1.Sci-fi is a genre with an enormous history, constantly praised for innovating and breaking boundaries in the world of film and television. However, one aspect of storytelling sci-fi has fared less well with is that of representation, with much of modern sci-fi’s best outings often containing stereotypical and less-than-diverse ensembles. So, with the announcement that the wildly talented rapper, filmmaker, and screenwriter Rapman would be diving into the genre came the hope that a big-budget sci-fi might be about to make an important statement.

When Supacell debuted on Netflix on June 27, 2024, it was instantly refreshing for the series’ many viewers to see a winding sci-fi adventure take place on the streets of South London. Not only that but to see a predominantly black cast tackle the eye-popping concepts of a sci-fi series made for viewing that was both entertaining and important. Despite all this, and despite the backing of streamer giant Netflix, no one quite expected the show to be as big a hit as it quickly became, with the series already holding a coveted 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. With success came the inevitable hunger for more, with many fans desperate to find out what might come next. So, with all that in mind, here is a look at whether Supacell is getting a second season.

What Happened in the ‘Supacell’ Finale?

Calvin Demba as Rodney with his neck veins glowing blue in Supacell
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This winding, touching tale that subverts the expectations that have been put on superhero stories burst into an explosive climax in its season finale, with fans delighted with how threads were tied and issues resolved. As any good series of this ilk will do, the finale left viewers satisfied that the evil gang leader, Krazy (Ghetts), was no longer a threat. Lying in his hospital bed, it felt as if he might be spared by the shadowy figure of Ray (Eddie Marsan). However, the hierarchy stretched even further, with Ray actually reporting to the seemingly innocent Victoria (Sian Brooke). In an unexpected twist, Victoria turns out to be a cold-blooded killer, ordering Krazy to be executed. As the series edged towards its closing moments, Victoria even threatened the life of Ray, warning him of the consequences of failure, before declaring that she plans to deal with the Supacell heroes her own way. This, of course, sets up the possibility of an even more dangerous villain for a second season, with Victoria looking like the sort of woman even the most powerful of heroes might not want to cross. However, the question still remains whether that second season will indeed come.

Is ‘Supacell’ Getting a Season 2?

The heroes of Supacell stand in a concrete wasteland
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As yet, there is no news on whether Supacell will receive a second season. This is customary for Netflix, with the streamer likely waiting until the dust and statistics settle so they can piece together exactly how successful the show was. It is true that, if viewers’ reactions are anything to go by, Supacell Season 2 should have been greenlit the moment it landed on screens. Critically and publicly acclaimed, sadly that is not enough for a giant like Netflix to secure a second outing, with the streamer having previous when it comes to prematurely canceling fan-favorite shows. However, Supacell creator Rapman has made clear his intention to write more than one season. In an interview with Radio Times, he described just how desirable it would be to bring more context and showcase more of the journey Supacell has so delicately poised. He said:

“For the beginning of the show, I always tell everyone that season 1 of Supacell to me is like Batman Begins. It’s just beginning. You’ve got to see where it goes next to see who these people really are. I suppose we have to see how season 1 performs, but I know I’ve very much made clear that I want to do three seasons minimum.” He went on to say, “I’ve got a three-season story in my head. [I’m] not saying it can’t go over. But right now I know where it goes to. I know where… what the story is from up to season 3.”

Knowledge of Rapman’s clear vision for the future of the series is only going to make the Netflix execs more likely to give the green light. Too often, a series is asked to return without the creator being fully invested in the story’s next stages, so for Rapman to understand what that would look like makes for an easy transition. However, nothing is certain in the world of film and television, something Rapman and the rest of his team know all too well. To find out as soon as any announcement regarding the future of Supacell is made, make sure to stay tuned to Collider.

What is ‘Supacell’ About?

Tosin Cole as Michael looking shocked with glowing eyes in Supacell
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Rapman’s eye for showcasing the best of black British talent has been well documented. Whether it is through his music career or in his short but influential filmmaking run to date, Rapman’s mission statement has always been to bring representation through entertainment, and this is exactly the mission statement for Supacell. Set in South London, the series follows a group of seemingly unconnected people, led by Doctor Who‘s Tosin Cole, who all develop extraordinary abilities. Will they choose to save the world or themselves? Not a necessarily unique concept, it is the setting that makes it stand out, with Rapman facing numerous challenges on the journey to Supacell‘s debut. His idea had long been in the shaping phase, with Rapman getting several rejections from Netflix despite working with a myriad of talented writers. Nevertheless, he never gave up, and soon realized that his story was struggling from two afflictions – it wasn’t authentic enough, and it didn’t start at the beginning. After pulling the story back and putting in the effort to write from a true, young South London perspective, the rest came seamlessly, with Netflix finally giving the green light. An official synopsis for Supacell reads:

“A group of ordinary people from South London unexpectedly develop super powers with no clear connection between them other than them all being Black. As they deal with the impact on their daily lives, one man has to bring them together to protect the one he loves all while avoiding the powerful and nefarious agents that have noticed their special abilities.”

You can watch all episodes of Supacell right now on Netflix.

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