Jennifer Lopez’s Album Movie Defies Description


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  • Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming movie This Is Me… Now: A Love Story will blend documentary and fantasy, exploring her high-profile love life.
  • The movie will be released on February 16, 2024, along with Lopez’s new album of the same name.
  • This Is Me… Now will be told from Lopez’s own perspective, incorporating mythological storytelling and personal healing.

The This Is Me… Now: A Love Story trailer unveils Jennifer Lopez’s genre-defying new movie. The feature-length project is designed to tie in with her upcoming album This Is Me… Now, with both projects dropping on February 16. The movie will blend documentary and fantasy, exploring Jennifer Lopez’s high-profile love life, including her relationship with her two-time boyfriend, now husband, Ben Affleck, who is also set to appear in the movie. Described as being “steeped in mythological storytelling and personal healing,” the movie will tell Lopez’s story from her own perspective.

Prime Video has now unveiled the official trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s This Is Me… Now: A Love Story. Check it out below:

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Source: Prime Video

Jennifer Lopez This is Me Now Temp Movie Poster
This is Me…Now: The Film
Release Date
February 16, 2024
Dave Meyers



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