Kieran Culkin On His Campaign For A Third Kid – Deadline


Succession‘s Kieran Culkin spilled backstage how the whole bet came about with his wife Jazz Charton for a third child, if he won the Emmy (which he did tonight).

During his acceptance speech, Culkin shouted out to his wife a big thanks for their “two amazing kids” before adding, “Jazz, I want more. You said ‘maybe’, if I win!” And the audience erupted in delighted cheers.

“Couple of months ago –I’ve been asking for a while– and my wife Jazz said, ‘Maybe, if you win the Emmy. Ha, ha,” he shared backstage.

“And I didn’t bring it up for months and then when I won the Globe, I said ‘Remember what you said?’ She was like, ‘What? No, I don’t remember this.’ So, I told her and it all came back to here. She spent the whole week being nervous,” the Emmy drama lead actor continued.

Then, sound a lot like his Succession alter ego Roman Roy, Culkin, quipped, “Instead of talking to her in private like a human, I just blasted her onstage, which was very rude.”

Culkin was asked to expound on the importance of his mother in his life:

“She’s just an absolutely wonderful woman who took on raising seven kids in a studio apartment, by herself. There was a guy there — he didn’t do anything,” he said.

“I didn’t know that I wanted to be a parent, but the moment that I knew I was going to become a father, I knew I wanted to become the parent that she was,” he added.

“I’m going to stop talking before I cry.”

HBO’s Succession won six Emmys tonight for its final season.



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