Paul Giamatti Addresses Epic In-and-Out Moment at the 2024 Critics Choice After His Post-Golden Globe Celebration Goes Viral


Paul Giamatti is currently relishing the enormous success of his latest release The Holdovers and the accolades the film has been receiving at various award events. After winning a Golden Globe recently, the actor has now nabbed the Best Actor Award at the Critics Choice Awards.

Paul Giamatti’s performance in The Holdovers has been getting overwhelming love from audiences

Giamatti also went viral in the past few days where a photo of him circulated on the internet where he’s celebrating his Golden Globe win at an In-N-Out restaurant. The actor joked about the same in his acceptance speech at the Critics Choice Awards.

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Paul Giamatti Hilariously Calls Out His Viral In-N-Out Photo

Paul Giamatti reignd supreme at the Crtovis Choice Awarsd as he won The Best Acritr Award
Paul Giamatti reigned supreme at the Critics Choice Awards as he won The Best Actor Award

Paul Giamatti is slowly turning out to be an awards darling as the actor took home two big awards recently. He recently earned a Golden Globe for Best Actor for his performance in The Holdovers. Now, the actor might have an edge over all the other nominees for the coveted Oscar as he has now received another Best Actor Award at the Critics Choice Awards.

During his acceptance speech, he called out his recent viral photo where he is seen celebrating his recent Golden Globe win at an In-N-Out restaurant. He made a hilarious joke claiming that his week couldn’t have gotten any better after getting viral for having a cheeseburger. He said, (via The Hollywood Reporter)

“Wow, guys, I didn’t think my week could get any better than going viral for eating a cheeseburger. “Serious guys, I need that endorsement. So let’s all just pray for me. Everybody get their pizza in a bag, by the way? I think that’d be a good endorsement. Paul Giamatti for pizza in a bag.”

The actor also gave an emotional shoutout to his son and his late father for making him the person he is today. He is sure to give tough competition to other contenders in the Oscar race

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Paul Giamatti Prefers Great Supporting Parts Over Leading a Blockbuster

Paul Giamatti earbed a Best Supporting Oscar nominartio for his ole in Russell Crowe's Cinderella Man
Paul Giamatti earned a Best Supporting Oscar nomination for his role in Russell Crowe’s Cinderella Man

Paul Giamati’s latest film The Holdovers has gone on to become an awards darling and audiences have started to call it a modern Christmas classic. The actor recently sat down with The Irish Times to talk about his career and the overwhelming love he’s receiving for his latest film.

When asked whether he’s interested in leading a blockbuster film, Giamatti stated that he is comfortable playing interesting supporting roles and does not want the pressure of carrying a big-budget film. He also revealed that he doesn’t always crave the lead role when he approaches a project. He said,

“How do I feel about it? It’s okay with me. Ha ha! Look, I don’t want the responsibility of carrying some gigantic movie. I am totally fine with that. I like interesting supporting parts. I have no strict rule that I need to play the lead.”

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Giamatti earned another Best Actor Award win at the Critics Choice Awards for The Holdovers. By winning the title in two significant events including the Golden Globes, he might end up winning the coveted Oscars in March.

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