The Witcher Season 4 Will See Ciri’s Journey ‘Take a Dark Turn’ According to Freya Allen



  • The Witcher Season 4 will bring a significant shift in Princess Ciri’s storyline, exploring a darker and more pivotal chapter in her evolution.
  • Freya Allen, who portrays Ciri, is excited and curious about how the TV adaptation will translate Ciri’s story from the books.
  • Ciri’s association with the Rats suggests a morally ambiguous journey, challenging viewers’ perceptions of right and wrong.

The Witcher Season 4 will have fans witness a significant shift in the narrative arc of Princess Ciri, portrayed by Freya Allen. From its inception in 2019, this Netflix series has garnered a following for its rich storytelling and in-depth character exploration. With season 3 concluding in 2023, seeing Henry Cavill’s last performance as Geralt and ushering in Liam Hemsworth, a new phase in this riveting story unfolds.

Freya Allen’s recent conversation with Radio Times shed light on what fans can anticipate for her character, Ciri, in the upcoming season. Allen expressed her curiosity and excitement about the adaptation of Ciri’s storyline from Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels to the screen. She emphasized the significance of this phase in Ciri’s story, describing it as a critical and darker chapter in her evolution. This anticipation is shared by fans, who eagerly await to see how the show will navigate this transformation. Allen said:

“I’m honestly just intrigued how they’re going to translate that story from the books because it’s… for Ciri’s journey, it’s a very pivotal moment in her storyline, and takes quite a dark turn. I’ll be intrigued to see how they translate that to the TV version. But the prospect is exciting, to get to take her through that journey.”


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The essence of Ciri’s character in the series has always been a blend of innocence and latent darkness. The end of season 3 further hinted at this impending shift, leaving viewers to ponder her ultimate destiny. The series has delved into the prophecy that foretells the role of a descendant of Falka in the world’s destruction, contrasted with the savior role foreseen for a descendant of Lara Dorren. Ciri’s lineage and her identification with Falka suggest a grim future, leading viewers to question which path she will ultimately follow.

The Evolution of Ciri: From Compassion to Power in The Witcher Season 4

Ciri’s association with the Rats, a group depicted in the books as bandit-like figures with a Robin Hood-esque ethos, points to a journey down a morally ambiguous path. This alignment suggests a departure from her previously compassionate persona, as she explores the depths of her power and personality. The upcoming season promises to explore these complex themes, challenging the audience’s perceptions of right and wrong.

The Witcher’s adaptation has always been about more than just the magical and the mythical. It examines human nature, focusing on the themes of self-discovery, fate, and the moral decisions of its characters. Ciri’s journey in season 4 seems poised to continue this tradition, offering a nuanced exploration of a character standing at a crossroads between light and darkness.

The Witcher Season 4 is anticipated for an early 2025 release.

As we gear up for the fourth season, the evolution of Princess Ciri stands as a testament to the show’s commitment to character development and narrative depth. In this series, the exploration of characters’ internal battles is as integral as their physical journeys, pushing fantasy storytelling to new heights. Season 4 of The Witcher, hinting at a more ominous path for Ciri, promises to be an enthralling sequel in the series, refreshing the already captivating world for its vast audience.

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