Sharon Stone Pitched a Barbie Movie in the 90s, Says She Was ‘Laughed Out’ the Studio


  • Sharon Stone revealed that her idea for a Barbie movie was dismissed by the studio in the ’90s, despite having the support of the head of Barbie.
  • Stone also mentioned being laughed at when she expressed interest in directing after Basic Instinct.
  • Other actresses, including Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway, were also attached to Barbie projects before Greta Gerwig’s film became a success.

Long before Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie brought a live-action Barbie to the big screen, Sharon Stone pitched a movie centered on the iconic doll. Stone recently revealed that, despite having “the support of the head of Barbie,” her idea wasn’t welcomed warmly, as she was “laughed out” of the studio. In an Instagram post shared by America Ferrera from the 2024 Critics Choice Awards, Stone commented:

“I was laughed out [of] the studio when I came [with] the Barbie idea in the ’90s [with] the support of the head of Barbie. How far we’ve come. Thank you ladies for your courage and endurance.”

In December, Stone discussed the ongoing issues with Hollywood’s gender pay gap, revealing that she had recently turned down a role in a $100 million movie after being offered significantly less than the film’s male star. During that same interview, Stone shared that after making Basic Instinct, she wanted to try directing but “got laughed out of the studio.” It’s unclear whether that project was the Barbie pitch she mentions in Ferrera’s post, but it’s an interesting choice of words.

Stone wouldn’t be the last to pitch a Barbie-focused project before Gerwig’s 2023 film became a pop culture phenomenon; in recent years, Amy Schumer and Anne Hathway were both attached to a Sony Pictures Barbie movie. In 2018, Warner Bros. acquired rights to make a film about the Mattel doll, and soon after, Margot Robbie was attached to the project. Gerwig joined the Barbie team in 2021 and co-wrote the script alongside Noah Baumbach.

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America Ferrera Received the SeeHer Award at the Critics Choice Awards

Warner Bros

In Greta Gerwig’s billion-dollar grossing and history making Barbie, Ferrera portrays Gloria, a Mattel employee and mother who ventures into Barbie Land with Robbie’s Stereotypical Barbie. As Gloria, Ferrera delivers a powerful monologue about the double standards imposed on women that has sparked recognition from women across the globe who deeply connect to it.

In the Instagram post shared by Ferrera that Stone commented on, Ferrera is seen receiving the SeeHer Award during the Critics Choice Awards. The SeeHer award, presented annually since 2016, honors a woman who advocates for gender equality, portrays characters with authenticity, defies stereotypes, and pushes boundaries. Ferrera, this time as herself, delivered another moving speech as she received the accolade. During her speech, she celebrated seeing more Latina women on screen, noting that:

“Black, Brown, indigenous, Asian, trans, disabled, any body type, any gender — we are all worthy of having our lives richly and authentically reflected.”

Ferrera also praised Gerwig “for proving through your incredible mastery as a filmmaker that women’s stories have no difficulty achieving cinematic greatness and box-office history at the same time, and that unabashedly telling female stories does not diminish your powers, it expands them.”

Barbie is currently streaming on Max. The film has racked up nominations and several wins this awards season. It is expected to earn some Oscar nods next week, including Best Picture and Best Director.



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July 21, 2023


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