The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Photo Teases Neve Campbell and Manuel Gargia-Rulfo’s Return


  • The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 is now in production, adapting Michael Connelly’s novel “The Gods of Guilt” with Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Neve Campbell returning.
  • The conclusion of Season 2 left fans eagerly anticipating Mickey’s evolving predicament and the new season’s nail-biting twists and quandaries.
  • The show’s executive producer, Ted Humphrey, revealed that the cliffhanger ending of Season 2 sets up the first chapters of the next book to be adapted in Season 3.

The Lincoln Lawyer is finally back in production, with cameras now rolling on season 3 of the Michael Connelly novel-based series. The new season will adapt Connelly’s fifth Mickey Haller novel, “The Gods of Guilt”. Thanks to Deadline, we now have a first look at the new season, which sees the return of Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as the titular lawyer, and Neve Campbell as Maggie Mcpherson.

The gripping conclusion of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 dropped on Netflix back in August 2023, sending shockwaves through its ardent fan base. The culmination of Lisa Trammell’s case might be the core of the second season, but it’s Mickey’s evolving predicament that promises nail-biting anticipation for what’s to come next in the new season.

Since its debut, the show has masterfully blended the intensity of courtroom drama with the intricate dynamics of personal relationships. And while the first half of the season showcased Mickey’s legal prowess, the tail end emphasizes the perils that continually haunt him. The ending may provide closure on some fronts, but it also artfully opens the door to a maze of new quandaries. Quite frankly, it’s what Mickey’s future holds that has most of us on tenterhooks.

In a conversation with Collider at the time, Ted Humphrey, steering the show as its executive producer and co-showrunner, provided insights into how the Season 2 wrap-up leads into the next installment. Interestingly, the cliffhanger isn’t merely a device of tension; it’s a bridge.

The season ends with a cliffhanger that clearly tees up the next season. The last 10 minutes of this season are the first couple of chapters of the next book that we’re gonna adapt.

It’s noteworthy that these revelations came against the backdrop of a Hollywood crisis, triggered by the writers’ strike. Despite the industry’s upheaval, Humphrey’s excitement for the potential next chapter remains palpable.

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Mickey Haller’s Journey Through Shades of Noir and Dramatic Realism

Humphrey, in his conversation, delves deeper into the character of Mickey and the perils he faces, drawing parallels with iconic noir characters from literary masterpieces. Mickey, much like the protagonists of vintage California noirs, is perpetually surrounded by danger. These shades of noir aren’t mere coincidences but nods to Michael Connelly’s storytelling, which Humphrey describes as reminiscent of the legendary Raymond Chandler.

He candidly admitted that while the show aims for realism, Mickey’s persistently perilous life is a dramatic flourish. “Mickey’s job seems very dangerous,” he remarked, acknowledging the heightened stakes. But it’s this exact drama that infuses the narrative with vigor, rendering it irresistibly thrilling.

Speaking to Deadline, co-showrunners and executive producers Ted Humphrey and Dailyn Rodriguez shared a little more information on the new season.

“While Season 3 of The Lincoln Lawyer is based on Michael Connelly’s novel The Gods of Guilt, we decided that a fun (and poignant) way to come into the season would be via a flashback sequence that gave us some insight into how Mickey Haller became Mickey Haller — not just the brilliant criminal defense lawyer but the husband, the father, and the man that he would come to be.

“There is no comparable flashback in the book, so we devised something that would also serve as a fitting introduction to the story of the season, both on a plot level but also emotionally. These images, of a young Mickey finishing up surfing before a life-changing day at work, as well as cuddling on the couch with his wife Maggie after putting their young daughter Hayley to bed, are from a pair of these flashback scenes that bookend the first episode and propel us into the rest of Season 3,”

Seasons 1 and 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer are available to stream now via Netflix.


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