Sarah Michelle Gellar Series Wolf Pack Canceled After One Season at Paramount+



  • Paramount+ has canceled Wolf Pack after its first season due to delays in development caused by writer and actor strikes.
  • The streamer was not willing to wait until at least 2025 for the show to return, as it would cost more money to market it after such a long hiatus.
  • Edo Van Belkom, the writer of the novels on which the show was based, expressed frustration at the year-long delay in deciding the show’s fate.

After completing its highly promoted first season last March, Paramount+ has canceled Wolf Pack after only one season.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount+ was on board for a second season of the supernatural series after a promising debut. Unfortunately, as was the case with several movies and TV shows, the dual writer and actor strikes resulted in many delays in terms of development. Despite star Sarah Michelle Gellar saying they had scripts and ideas for Season 2 when Season 1 ended, the pause in development meant the creatives had to stop working.

Even though both strikes were over by late last year, it was clear that Wolf Pack wouldn’t be able to return until at least 2025. The streamer was not keen on this notion because it would cost more money to market the series after it was off the air for so long. Edo Van Belkom, who wrote the series of novels on which the show was based, also shared the news of the cancelation on his X page and expressed frustration that it took a full year to decide the series’ fate.


Why Sarah Michelle Gellar Decided to Return to Acting

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s iconic portrayals of beloved movie and tv characters made her departure from acting a few years ago gut-wrenching.

Wolf Pack Brought Sarah Michelle Gellar Back to Television

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Wolf Pack

The series marked a return to television for Gellar, who also served as an executive producer on the project. The actress is known by many genre fans for having played Buffy Summers in the television adaptation of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, which ran for seven successful seasons. In addition to a slew of film projects during and after the show’s run, Gellar has also had other returns to television that included the CW’s Ringer, which lasted one season, and CBS’ The Crazy Ones with the late Robin Williams, also lasting only one season.

Wolf Pack came from creator Jeff Davis, the man behind MTV’s popular Teen Wolf series. The show launched alongside Davis’ Teen Wolf: The Movie and showed promise on the streamer following its debut. On the show, after a teenage boy and girl get their lives forever changed after a California wildfire awakens a deadly supernatural creature, they find themselves united with other teens during the rise of the full moon that sees them sharing a secret that connects them all. In addition to Gellar, the series also stars Rodrigo Santoro, Armani Jackson, Bella Shepard, Chloe Rose Robertson, and Tyler Lawrence.

You can currently stream Wolf Pack on Paramount+



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